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You’ll be in the spotlight (even if you don’t want to be), and there'll be a ton of “behind the scenes” work to do.

So, have you thought about how you're going to tackle all of that on your own?

Because with a wedding, there are a 1,000 things you probably haven't thought of. (Which is totally normal!)

But we have.

And we know just what you need.


Besides getting married, you'll be seen as both the hosts and the guests of honor

(As if getting married wasn't enough! Right?!)

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At HBIC Weddings, we have countless ways to support you.


From the whole enchilada (i.e.. full-service planning) to hourly consultations - and everything in between, we have the perfect solution to your wedding planning woes.

Unlimited Communication

Get your questions answered in real-time. Like T-mobile, we offer unlimited talk and text. We simply make ourselves available whenever you need us by phone, Zoom or email.

Budget Advice

Receive a budget designed around your one-of-a-kind plans. You'll learn where to cut back and where to splurge like crazy - all based on how much you want to spend and the kind of experience you want to create for you and your guests.

Total Vendor Freedom

Choose to work with any of the wedding pros you want. We play nice in the sandbox with anyone and everyone. But if you're not sure who to hire, we're happy to share our list of tried and true vendors who have passed the "HBIC Sniff Test".

Venue "Hot List"

Finally find a killer venue. We've assembled all the facts you can imagine on 150 of the top locales in Chicago. With us, you'll find the perfect spot to exchange your vows and the ideal place to dance the night away with your friends.

Contract Review

Walk into your wedding day confident that each vendor is giving you what you want and need. We'll do a DEEP dive into the nitty-gritty details of each document to look for pitfalls or oversights. And we'll discuss "value enhancement opportunities" with each to ensure they're giving you all they've got.

24/7 Planning Tools

Access EVERY tool you need to prep for your wedding in one convenient place. Our online platform houses your customized checklists, vendor information, budget, guest lists, design ideas, seating charts, and so much more. It's basically like “Google Drive” and "Pinterest" had a baby - you’re gonna love it.

Monthly To-Do's

Receive mini checklists personalized to your plans and your day. Instead of a crazy long (and basic b*tch) generic checklist, we'll give you a monthly "just focus on this" plan of attack that will keep you on task without overwhelming the crap out of you.

event design

 Create a wedding as unique as the two of you. We'll help you define a clear vision, identify the right colors, and design a stunning tabletop. Then, we'll source the perfect vendors and rentals. And we'll put it all together on a floor plan to bring your ideas to life.

Personalized Support

Enjoy your day, your way. Want to start your morning with early sunrise yoga in Millennium Park? We'll meet you there with smiles and mats. Or prefer breakfast at Lou Mitchel's for skillets & donut holes? Awesome, we'll wait in line for you! Whatever support you need, you've got a friend in us.

Timeline Design

Receive a schedule that is way beyond the basics. We know how much time everything really takes. And we'll design a minute-by-minute, day-of schedule that considers everything from morning mimosas to the last dance.

On-Site Support

 Let your mom (sister or best friend) just enjoy the day. An hour before photography begins, at least two HBICs will roll through the door. We'll manage the details, big moments, and small personal touches of your wedding day.

No-BS Wedding Planning


By the time your wedding day arrives, your brilliant ideas will be combined with our wise wedding know-how to create an unforgettable, A-MAZ-ING, “Oh my God, I had so much fun!” day for you and your guests!

Yes Please!

“Diane gets down to business and the reality of wedding planning,”

-Ellyn + Jim

 She makes sure the day goes as planned, lets the couple enjoy their day completely and not have them think or make any decisions the day of and she does all of it with a calm demeanor. If you’re looking for someone to get sh*t done, she’s your woman!

Our philosophy: You should only pay for the support you need

You won't find a one-size-fits-all, "off the rack", preset or pre-priced package of services here. Instead, just think of the services above as super-smart jumping-off points.

So, let's chat it out already and figure out what you need.

Options Start at: 2495*

Yes Please!

*A portion of this will be given on behalf of HBIC Weddings to both the World Central Kitchen and Lurie Children’s Hospital.