How about a kickstart to wedding planning?

You said ”YES!!”
now what do the two of you do?? 

Now, who doesn't love a "try before you buy?"

if during our kickstart time together, you'd like to add-on Full or partial planning services...
your kickstart cost becomes a credit! 

We have options you'll love!


A "kickstart service" is a single focus first step before hiring a wedding planner. 

There are so many venue options and preconceived notions that it’s daunting and overwhelming for most (ALL) couples.  We'll go ahead and cut through the mind-numbing process by understanding your initial wedding vision during an intake consultation to define the top locales.  With that focused list, we'll leverage our long-standing relationships within the industry to ensure a speedy reply with availability and other essential information. 

So why wouldn't you have HBIC Weddings take on this really important item for you?

Before you know it, a fact-filled custom report for up to 3  locations will be presented to you and will include:
  • Venue attributes, from the baseline info like capacities and other specific details to consider 
  • This professional planner's perspective shares valuable insight in deciding a location.
  • Your walkthrough appointment details, including date, time, and contact name, to a list of points to consider that would be shared if you had a planner at the meeting.

After the tours, we follow up with a consultation based on your feedback so that this oh-so-important decision is one that you feel 100% solid about.

Venue Selection Support

YES, Let’s find a date & a place!


  1. During an intake consultation, we’ll talk about your initial wedding plans, venues that you've considered and other factors that will play into the direction of the venue search. We'll also define your availability for walkthrough appointments ASAP.

  2. Venue R&R - no, not Rest & Relaxation but rather Research & Report; this is a custom report brimming with facts and photos and filled with all of the info on the pros and cons of up to 3 locations.

  3. After a walkthrough, we’ll have a consult to weigh out the factor, and prepare you to lock in your location!



What is this wedding going to cost?
This is THE #1 question for newly engaged couples.

Would you love to have a guide from square one to give honest advice and share decades of budgeting and planning experience? So, how do you budget for the wedding you want, or how do you spend as smartly as possible? We will work with you to assess your priorities and give you a sense of what the top vendors will cost.

With so many venue options, key service-providing vendors (Photographers, Entertainment, and Décor), and other wedding day must-haves, it's really easy to unknowingly overspend early in the planning/decision process. These types of out-of-budget decisions will put couples on a path that leads them directly to stress-ville and compromise city.

Wouldn’t you love to avoid this stress during the last few months of wedding planning?

Budget Roadmap

budget help for 2, please!


  1. Initial Budget Priority Assessment meeting laying out the basics of financial factors.

  2. Extensive questionnaire that will define your wedding day and vendor priorities ranging from the “Must Have” to "Don’t Need This.”

  3. A personalized budget assessment that gives you a clear picture of expected expenses in each vendor category and other wedding-related costs.



A two session meeting with our HBIC Founder, the first is a 90-minute "Power Session" aka  “pick your brain, ask me anything, all-access” type of virtual meeting.

During the first meetup come ready with your list of questions and plans so we can review and answer ALL your questions while offering sage advice so that you can jump over the early engagement hurdles easily.

Besides tons of insight into your questions, we’ll find areas where you could use some support, such as custom guides to help find and interview vendors and super-effective forms so that seemingly endless details (the known and unknown) are not overlooked. By the end of your 1st session, you’ll have a way better “big picture plan” to get you to your big day, tons of professional-level know-how, and a kick-butt beginning to your wedding planning.

The second session is a half-hour follow-up that takes place within 90 days after our Power Session. This call is perfect for when you find yourself needing a little help getting over an obstacle or a kick in the butt. Is your planning on track or a little off the rails?? This session will for sure be a benefit to your wedding planning, helping you stay on track and in the right direction.

Power Planning Sessions

yes - we need a power session!


  1. 90-minute Kickoff Consultation Call and 30-minute call within 90 days of the Kickoff Call.

  2. Vendor Guides to help prepare you for those meetings.

  3. Up to 5 support planning documents based on your specific needs – we’ll pull the best from our planning library that will set you up for success.



Can you see your wedding but have no idea how to make it happen?  Or worse, can't see anyting for your wedding?

Is your Pinterest overflowing with every possible fun idea and stylish wedding detail but not sure how to edit things into a realistic day that keeps your budget in mind, or (worse, in our opinion) you have NOTHING in mind?

Does the thought of designing your wedding make you want to jump on a flight and elope in Las Vegas?

Breathe; we’ve got you with this kickstart. We’ll hone your vision, pull images in inspiration, and present design concepts with vendor intros and invoices so that the ideas presented are attainable and on budget.

This option is perfect for couples with a date and location; now let's dive into the fun part of planning! 

Event Design & Sourcing

We'd Love design help!


1.  Digital design boards that include inspirational photos, color palettes, and reception floor plan.

2. All pricing quotes from any vendor are presented on digital design boards. Vendor quotes are in your name, allowing you to
    directly connect and confirm all your wedding day details.

3.  The vendor team insight document includes quote specifications, points of contact, and social media information.


OMG, I wANT to know more, this sounds perfect

Check out our DIY'll love it! 

how about a new to Chicago option that's a lot
more than a kickstart & costs way less than a planner?

Perfect if you are a self-proclaimed "type A" person
 who wants A pro-level Approach, but wants do it themselves...

Interested in something fresh & different in
Wedding Planning...beyond a Kickstart?