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DIY Wedding Planning 
Professional Level Self-Guided
Wedding  Planning 

Now, buckle up because you're about to embark on the rollercoaster ride of planning your big day. But fear not; our DIY Professional Wedding Planning program is here to rescue you from the abyss of confusion and indecision.

So, you said, "Yes!" Congrats! 

Why DIY, you ask?

We get it. The world of wedding planning feels locked into three modes: Full Planning, Partial Planning, or Event Management.
But what if we told you there's a NEW sheriff in town?

Introducing Do-It-Yourself Professional-Guided Planning...

Where you're the boss, the commander-in-chief, the wedding ninja!
Because you're organized but need a little backup.
And let's be real, who needs to spend the budget on a planner when it could go towards flowers, entertainment, or an aerialist?
 (Okay, maybe not Cirque du Soleil over the dance floor, but you get my drift.)

Diane spills the tea on every platform section with video tutorials.

From building your vendor team to essential documents, your wedding day will be more fabulous than a unicorn at a disco.

Notes, Notes, & More Notes:

Access your wedding sanctuary from anywhere with Wi-Fi! Plan at home, at work (shhh, we won't tell), or even during those secret meetings.

You can even invite friends and family to join the planning party, assign tasks, and watch the magic happen!

Online Platform:

Picture this, monthly check-in videos guiding you through the chaos, just like Diane does with her full-service couples.

It's like having a personal cheerleader in your pocket.

Monthly Check-in Videos:

So, what’s this DIY Wedding Planning all about??

But Wait, There's More!

Learn the ancient art of budget jiu-jitsu and keep those expenses tracked and in check.

Worried About the Budget?

Unleash your inner Sherlock with a list of questions for every vendor. It's like having a detective agency for your dream team.

What to ask the vendors?

The portal has everything, seriously EVERYTHING. Check the categories below, and you’ll realize how great this is for wedding planning!

Need help staying organized?

I’m Ready to Dive In!

What’s in Your Online Planning Portal Toolbox?


Syncs with your everyday calendar. Because planning is a full-time job.



A treasure trove of advice, tips, and tricks. Because who doesn’t love insider secrets?



Design your dream day. Tables, chairs, dance floor - it’s all in your hands.



Your little black book for vendors. Keep it organized, darling!



Impress vendors with your ninja-like planning skills.


Budget Tool

Keep the cash flow in check. No more financial rollercoasters!


Guestlist/RSVP Tracking

Managing guests like a boss because your wedding isn't a surprise party.


Design Studio

It's like Pinterest but with a purpose. Organize your inspiration like a pro.



Your wedding day's GPS. Sorted by due date or category—your call.


Click on any of the squares for a sneak peek

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for a sneak peek to your portal . . .

All the tools for the perfect day, we use this portal with every couple.

Monthly how-to & planning status video check-ins to keep you on track & not miss a single wedding day detail.

Create a realistic timeline that keeps your day smoothly.

Bring/Add in your squad to help plan in hte portal.

Planning documents ensure that all the "unknowns" are infact known.

Have the insight of a profesional's Foundation guide you. our platform is your wedding Planning wonderland: 

Would you like to add on a day-of coordinator?
We got you.

But, But...Questions?

$95. a month. That’s less than your monthly coffee budget! Payments will be autocharged, with the last hurrah due in your wedding month.

What’s the Cost?

Click the link below, and voila! You'll get a welcome video and a series of emails. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

How to Start?

You’ll have pre-recorded videos cheer you on during the planning process. Need more?
Live virtual consultation time is available for an addtional cost to have  that VIP treatment.

Access to a Planner?

As long as you're paying the subscription fee. Miss a payment? Your access is paused until your payment is received and you’re back on track! 

How Long Does Access Last?

Absolutely, we want you delighted! 
You've got an entire week to decide if it's not your cup of wedding tea, full refund, no hard feelings.
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