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Chicago Wedding Planning

Really busy professionals. In fact, they love us a lot!

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HBIC Weddings?

Between your current job, your busy social life, and the attention your furry friend (or fiancé?) requires, Lord knows you have enough on your plate! Add "plan a wedding" into the mix, and it's no wonder you're overwhelmed.


sound familiar?

If so, you’re going to love our unmatched expertise & streamlined process

The end result: A wedding that gets planned during work hours - without your boss getting annoyed.

And, waaayyyy more importantly,

A wedding day you actually get to enjoy!

After 25 years in the Chicago events industry, there's no obstacle we haven't faced and no problem we haven't solved.

In fact, we’ve developed countless solutions while planning and producing events. So we can help you avoid any problem that might come your way.

When it comes to your wedding, it's best to learn from an expert.

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-brad + apriil

"Every detail was thought of, including several things I would have forgotten. Hiring Diane of HBIC was the best decision. Not having to worry about coordinating pesky details allowed us to ENJOY every moment."

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We Like to Work Smart. Not Hard.

Here's the thing, you probably won't do this again.
So why not work smart?

The moment you choose us, your very own Head B*tch in Charge will begin guiding you step-by-step. Not just 60 or 90-days out. But from this day forward.

And she’ll be 100% dedicated to you on your day - because we haven’t figured out that whole cloning thing (yet!). And because we’d never divide our attention on a day as important as your wedding.

why choose hbic weddings?

Get inside scoop you couldn't possibly know unless you've previously planned a wedding.

Planning Expertise

Receive custom to-do's that are dripped out month-by-month versus dropped like a big ole bomb.

Personalized Checklist

Connect with tried-and-true vendors who will turn your Pins into possibility - on time and on budget.

Partner Referrals

Confidently select vendors using our guides full of facts and figures about virtually every wedding vendor in Chicago.

Vendor Guides

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"Diane provided first-hand support, and her knowledge of venues and vendors simplified the selection process. Her experience was truly valuable throughout the planning process. Diane and her team provided the “extra touch” to make our event go smoothly and allowed us to enjoy everything without worries."

-Philip + Peggy