Ellyn + Jim

Winter at Cafe Brauer

What started with a January snowstorm that delivered lots of logistical adjustments for HBIC Weddings from literally bringing a shovel with us all day to 6 massive blue carry-all bags from Ikea to schlep the wedding party’s winter boots scarves and anything else. After the lovely ceremony, the wedding party toured the city for a winter photoshoot for the afternoon that included a stop off at the bar where Ellyn and Jim had their first date.
Ellyn and Jim had a very upfront plan for their wedding as noted in their wedding invite; it read in an open oversized opening line that guests were invited to a night of “Good Food, Great Music & Bad Dancing.” One of their common interests was Chicago’s many Micro-Breweries they had explored together, this passion of theirs became the design direction of the centerpiece with custom hand panted growler plaques that replaced table numbers…”Right, this way to the Haymarket table.”

The bride's sister almost stole the night away as she replaced the Maid of Honor toast of childhood memories and well wishes to the couple with a re-written rap to the track of 50 Cent's “In Da Club” complete with a trucker hat, a ridiculous amount of gold chains and ended with a Mic drop (See pro tip about this).

If you want to literally “drop the mic” after giving a speech, we highly recommend you clear this with whoever provides it to you. Those babies are expensive when they are dropped they break. We now carry a faux mic for these moments and can save you about $700 at the end of the night invoice…not to mention the bandleader from having a small heart attack!

pro tip:

 “Diane truly was an HBIC throughout the last few months leading up to our wedding, which is exactly what I needed!”

-Ellyn + Jim