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Summer at GT Prime

It was July, the heat index was off the charts with the morning’s “feel like temperature” already at 82 before 7 AM, and expected to be over 115 degrees (feel like temperature, the gates of hell) at the time of the 5 o’clock wedding that was planned for the Grandmother’s Garden in Lincoln Park.

During the 20-minute rehearsal the night before, everyone was dripping from the heat; the bride was not going to consider moving to the alternative (air-conditioned) option. At 7:30 AM, the morning of the wedding, the bride texted us to move the ceremony to the wedding’s rain (now heat) backup plan of holding the ceremony at the reception venue, GT Prime.
Within 2-hours, 14 vendors were contacted, some were canceled while others adjusted to the new plan, and over 100 guests that spoke 2 different languages were quickly notified of the change. On-site, we altered plans to accommodate the décor in new ways based on the location change, welcomed guests to the new location, and had a fabulous wedding.  

Know that an outdoor wedding’s rain back up plan should also be considered a heat index plan too!

Your guests’ experience should be top of mind while planning for any outdoor summer wedding by providing water and fans for guests while they are seated for the ceremony.  

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“Diane has experience in corporate and social planning - which is something you totally want! She has insight into details a normal person simply would not. She communicated with many of our vendors and distributed a comprehensive plan to keep everyone on the same page. Value-wise, HBIC Wedding cannot be beaten, I would recommend Diane any day!”

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